Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

lake and aquarium

Today my young friend and I drove to White Rock Lake. The temperature was 45 degrees. Things were a bit dark and a bit cloudy. We saw hundreds upon hundreds of cormorants on bare trees. We saw other bare trees with berries. We saw coots and mallards swimming. One of my favorite parts was when we saw a downy woodpecker on a tree branch, but my picture of this little creature came out very fuzzy.

Then we went to the Childrens' Aquarium of Dallas, in Fair Park. This facility re-opened after a bout of renovation. The museum is much improved. It has a great shark and ray tank. The focus is only small fish in
moderate sized aquariums--and it works. I loved the gar, though in the same tank I wish they had used a natural local sunfish instead of the dark morph they chose. I think the Lake Victoria tropicals looked the happiest, excepting maybe the serene king crab. The hawksbill turtle looked a bit put out about something. The horseshoe crab was very patient, all things considered, while the guide kept upending it. The moray eel looked very moray-ish.

We went to Good Records in Dallas, where my friend got a metal album and I got a John Fahey album. We dined at a Black-eyed Pea, where I had red beans and rice, black-eyed peas, turnip greens and steamed broccoli. We finished out day at Jamba Juice, where we each had a smoothie. I had not had a smoothie in years. I had a berry something or other, a "less fat" choice. My medium was more portion than I needed, but I like the smoothie.
I'll have one again someday.

[American coot, White Rock Lake, pencil photo fx; tropical fish, Childrens Aquarium of Dallas, photo fx added, berries on a tree, White Rock Lake, no photo fx, king crab at the Children's Aquarium of Dallas, no photo fx]

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