Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

nadine is a one-twit wonder

I like warm winter days--not currently in view--when colorful hot air balloons ascend, after dawn and before dusk, hovering in mid-air. As I drove home one recent Saturday, I saw one descending. I parked and hopped out with a camera, but the balloon was gone.

I'm reading about one hit wonders. I am interested in bands like Madness, which had a zillion non-US hits, but only one US hits, and bands like Climax Blues Band, which had a few US hits, but no hits in their native country. I wonder if Aimee Mann would trade her band's hit for box tops she could mail in for a Frosted Flakes bicycle.

We watched Law and Order: UK. We saw a gripping and sad story about kids killing kids. One guest star, playing a parent, did such a good job with what amounted to a monologue that I must look up the actress' name.

I hooked up a new cheap printer I got to lug about tomorrow, with my laptop. If you wish to imagine a sound as you read, imagine me blowing a note on an ocarina in the shape of a turtle. A green turtle, with a green-leafed plant design atop a design of red soil.

I've been reading about Nadine Dorries, the current UK member of parliament who chooses to publicly lambaste the wife of her lover on the basis of the wife's alcoholism. I wonder how people lose sight of themselves so much as to attack others that way. Perhaps it is the success. Perhaps it is just being turned loose in the candy store with enough power or money or celebrity or looks to be assured of getting all the penny candy one could possibly want. People should play tin whistles rather than sing their own song, because everyone is tone deaf when they hum their own tune. If I could learn a new instrument, it would be an ocarina or recorder or
similar small simple woodwind.

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