Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

speech and post

Tonight I gave a legal seminar at the Garland Bar Association on legal ethics. I found five recent published Texas cases on legal ethics issues. I gave a talk about the facts of each case, and about how each exemplified a fairly simple rule. I enjoyed putting this talk together, which I did in a couple of days to alleviate a scheduling concern. My audience was courteous, attentive and all around good folks. I like to speak in public, which I suppose is atypical for a very shy person.

Tonight my friend vuzh, who is an experimental musician par excellence, published in his music weblog my favorite Creative Commons "free" releases of 2010. I really enjoyed putting this together--so many happy memories of songs I enjoyed, and so much fun to set out my theories in a weblog:

Here is my top 5 list of 2010 albums.

The cold here is bracing. So bracing that an orthodontist would make a fortune.

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