Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Obscure travel longings

I know I'm supposed to long to travel to important places, like taking a walk in the Louvre (again) or gazing at the Taj Mahal or waltzing with penguins in Antarctica. Yet the places I think the most about visiting lately are:

1. The meteor crater near Midland and Odessa, in Texas. It's not the largest one, nor the most fabled one, nor one with an Area 51 legend. It's just a meteor crater half a mile or so across, and I want to see it.

2. Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, near McAllen, Texas. Not far from the Mexican border, one drives past
agricultural areas in flatlands, until one comes upon this little grove in a riparian area. I've visited here, and seen tropical wonders like the green jay, the great kiskadee, and the altamyra oriole. I'd love to go again.

3. The Sheyenne national grasslands, near Fargo, in North Dakota. I've always been fascinated by prairie, and the idea of a huge place with nothing but grasslands and creeks.

4. eastern Colorado. I've been to the mountains, but I'd love to see the semi-desert, semi-prairie eastern part.
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