Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

chips ahoy

A cold winter's night, a good mystery, oven-fried chicken, fascinating images on the internet. If I could do it all again, perhaps I'd have joined the Coast Guard for a few years out of college. The snow lingered on, a bit, another day, but will be all melted tomorrow.

I heard on the radio today about an earth-like planet orbiting a distant star. The planet was too close to its star for cool comfort. I like living in the first chapter of a science fiction novel.

I used the word "tench" today. I wonder about the phrase "slippery when wet".

Everyone uses madness as a literary metaphor. Then sometimes madness seems much less literary. The deranged man who shot Congresswoman Giffords makes me think a lot about people whose medical condition increases their risk of harming others, and of the waves of untreated mental illnesses of all kinds.

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