Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

hurray for the post office

Today a helpful staff member at work helped with an important matter on a shipment, which made my life a bit easier. Things went well with a personal shipment, too. Today I shipped the microphone I sold on eBay to its buyer in Georgia. The box in which I received my Grado headphones proved to work out well for this shipment.

I know it is the vogue to assail the post office, but I am a post office fan. Does federal express have a stamp catalog featuring a set of stamps celebrating the kelp forest? Why, no. Sometimes when I go to the post office off Saturn in Garland, the line will be 7 people long, and the desk will have one attendant. The 7th person sometimes leaves without waiting the ten to fifteen minutes for the line to thin. That person inevitably shakes a head, saying "no wonder they're losing money". I am then always tempted to chime in about e-mail and changing advertising budgets and the decline of the hand-written letter and the devastating tragedy for our culture and the green nature of mail order versus driving across town for everything. But I usually look at the stamps instead.

Today my Georgia personal mailing, mailed on Friday, by ordinary non-express priority mail, is projected to arrive on Monday. That's my kind of service--like federal express at a pony express price. I wonder how much it cost to ship via pony express.

This weekend:
a. clean house;
b. make music;
c. go for a long walk in a place where nature is lovely;
d. read books;
e. practice on my chess software for tournament direction;
f. watch a documentary on video; and
g. do laundry as if laundry were going out of style.

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