Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

java uploaders and other potted plants

I finally remembered to give my account information to Amazon Payments, so that I can receive the proceeds of a sale last year of my poetry chapbook. In two weeks, I will be six dollars wealthier. I read one of those on-line articles about a woman who regretted staying home with her kids, because her earning power after her divorce was affected. The twitter user @screek posted a great link to his weblog, with a brief description of how to photograph seagulls catching fish. I got on the access road last night at just the right moment, permitting me to slip by a huge accident-related slow-down. I see the weekend in sight, but I have much to do on Thursday and Friday at work. After my work virus on my computer, I ran my home anti-viral, which did turn up one thing to remove, a java uploader. Now I'm clean.

Christmas Cactus, January 2, 2011

I love the way the sun peaks through our master bath window, affected by the sheltering shades. I thought today how lucky I was during my teen years, because my (now late) mother made daily sourdough bread, from a 19th Century starter she had gotten from a woman in our small town. Imagine loaf after loaf of bread, in an ongoing line, from the 1890s. I have not made bread in years. One cool gift my wife got from someone besides me for Christmas is a panini maker. I love paninis. I long to set up a terrarium.

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