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Deep, dark blue sky

Overhead the sky is one nearly endless dark cloud, except for the dawn yellow just above the horizon. The lights flicker on and off slightly, while the trees across the street are being pushed by wind, illuminated by lightning. I'm watching the rain fall against the background of a streetlight, nostalgic for dozens of similar late August storms I have known. That's a funny way to live--here I see the storm before me, and I think about the storms in the past.

Today I must solve several work problems, but they all seem very solvable. It's just a matter of focus and time. Everything in my life, for that matter, seems solvable. It's just a matter of focus and time. How much time will I have? The storm may know.

I woke up this morning thinking of the Book of Job. In that story, God tells Job that all the thinking that Job and his friends do about the hardships which have befallen him is wrong. Interestingly, God does not mention that Job was the subject of some cosmic bet as to whether Job would be as loyal if Job's life were ruined by misfortune. God appears at the end in a whirlwind to say instead that it's just too complicated for Job to understand. The storm may know.

The rain is now forming sheets which pass my upstairs window like a metro train. The thunder sounds like rolling freight. I love that the storm tells me nothing, really, but I hear so much in its voice.

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