Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

once removed

Today I had to figure out whether a cousin is a first cousin, once removed, a second cousin, or a second cousin, once removed. As I grew up in Arkansas, you'd imagine that I'd need this knowledge more often than not, but I am pleased or chagrined to say that I am neither a Clark nor a Wingfield, and therefore am not related to the entirety of Clark County, Arkansas. The Clarks and the Wingfields hold a big reunion each year, which gets major press coverage in the Gurdon Times newspaper. I remember two pretty Wingfield girls lived in Arkadelphia, 16 miles away, when I was a teen. Isn't life funny that way? I don't remember ever speaking to the Wingfield girls.
I did not even know them well enough to have a crush on them. But I remember them, though there is little to remember, all these years later.

My goal is finding out my degree of consanguinity is that my second cousin, young Whitney Merritt, has a guest role on the cable television show "The Closer". I had thought that Whitney was my second cousin, once removed, but internet sites with fancy tables advise me that she is my second cousin. She is not a victim, but she played one on television. Fortunately, Kyra Sedgwick was on hand to at last solve the mystery.

I listened to Tangerine Dream's album "Stratosfear" on my way to work today. Though I consider Tangerine Dream an important and perhaps seminal band, I do not believe I've ever owned one of their recordings until I picked one up used on Saturday. I liked hearing the Moog synthesizers, and I liked the sense that the band was inventing music in places in which something was almost new under the sun.

I remember when I was 15 my parents kindly sent my brother and I on a Thanksgiving bus tour of Washington, D.C. and New York City, N.Y. Prior to the tour, all the kids and parents met up or something in Little Rock for information. One of the young teens was my mother's friend's daughter. I do not remember her name. I do remember that she was hanging out with another teen named Sarah. Sarah was a cellist. I remember my mother's friend's daughter pronounced that the cello was much more classy than the tuba. I'll bet neither of them had heard of Tangerine Dream. The main music I heard on that trip was Angela Lansbury singing the mother's part in "Gypsy", and the Andrews Sisters in an off-broadway showcase show. The year was 1974. The most formal dinner of the trip was at Mama Leone's. I liked Natural Bridge, Virginia, the Grand Ole Opry (with Minnie Pearl and Grandpa Jones), and the National Cathedral. I did not like the man at a Manhattan Howard Johnson's, who was quite vocally upset when I got nervous and filled out a traveler's check wrong, while people were in line. I did not forgive New York for years, no matter how nice that Irish-American policeman was at the Macy's Day Parade.

I am thinking of sound as samples for songs.

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