Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

holly trees in berry and analog analogies

red-winged blackbird

Today I saw a red-winged blackbird sitting on a bare tree just above the ephemeral wetlands are of the local Heard Natural Science Center. Over in Beebe, Arkansas, this species is in the news because many of them dropped from the sky, having departed this world. Was it fear about fireworks? Was it lightning? Autopsy pending.
I love when red-winged blackbirds stand on cat-tails in Summer and emit their harsh, lovely trill of a screech-song. I also saw a downy woodpecker, a red-bellied woodpecker, several cormorants, shoveler ducks, crows, a Carolina chickadee, cardinals, and two injured young deer who were rescued into captivity.

I love 50 degree Winter days. Football is nearly over. I posted the second episode of my Onyx Inertia podcast over at, in which I "DJ" Creative Commons electronica songs. I'm in a mood to create new music.
I'd like to do what I did with my album "Seven Virtues"--find a good sample, perhaps an odd woodwind, and then write 7 songs in my synths from this same sample. I'd like to not take much time with it--I value things done quickly, in a flow.

I loved this three days weekend. My dog Teddy barks at me until I grab her and gently shake her, as close at her age as she can come to play. My dog Beatrice plays with a new stuffed schnauzer toy. My neighbor said "hi" and said "I love this time of year the best!". I usually say I love October or May, but today I love a cold day in January the best--the very best.

I put a microphone on sale at eBay. I had a default by a buyer of my cheap Behringer analogy mixer, so I put it on sale. I get a lot of bargains on eBay, but I am trying to learn to sell things when my use for them ends. I am also moving toward digital things instead of analog things. Less clutter. Yet I have shelves and shelves of books, and no e-reader.

I wish I knew which bird sang so beautifully today. I love bare holly trees in berry.

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