Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

wisps and rains

I had hoped for thick, photogenic fog today, but only wisps arrived. Then a huge rainstorm rolled in while I was at work, which is a great consolation prize. I felt that sense of flow that one feels when one's work is going along well.

My wife arrived home tonight from her longer stay at her father's. She had a good time. We dined out, running through the cold rain. I enjoyed my mahi mahi and brown rice. I read about a woman in California who almost died of typhus. The bunny that ran across our alley was large. I mailed off snaps from the holidays to my in-laws and to my wife's sister and her husband, both good eggs. I read a good book of poetry over the holidays, by Tryfon Tolides--direct and yet evocative and elusive. I will put it on bookmooch. I normally eschew BSBA'ish things, but lately I imagine I could do to learn more about marketing.
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