Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

without flight delays

Yesterday we shared Christmas with my wife's family in Kansas City. My favorite part was when my wife and her sister presented their 14 year old niece with a paddle. The paddle symbolized a simple kayak which was our niece's Christmas gift. During the family gathering, per usual, I spent more time playing with the kids than interacting with the adults. I was impressed, though, with one of my wife's step-cousins, a 30 year old fellow who could lift a toddler in a somersault fashion and deftly place said toddler on his shoulder. That fellow also delighted his girlfriend's daughter, a princess buff, with a box of 4, count them, 4 princess dolls. In the face of such adept child-interaction I confess myself a simple amateur. I was delighted to see him spread joy like serving water from a flowing jug.

The main course last night was ham. My wife passed out her chili sauce, which sounds like it should be a concoction for making Tex/Mex food, but is in fact a kind of spread for the top of meat loaf. I hated meat loaf when I was a child, but like it now, most of the time. The snow fell in flurries but did not stick.

Today my flight was slightly delayed, but arrived on time. Dallas got only a bit of rain, and a little chill, but no seriously adverse weather. I loved the bright sun on a cold day. I drove to my brother's house to drop off their Christmas gift prior. I got to see their dog Arnold, a chihuahua mix they adopted from the shelter
a few years ago. Arnold is one of life's cheerful consolations. As my wife's family has two charming shih tzu's who are lovely, it has been a weekend of good dogs.

I am a bit worried about our dog Teddy, who is still under the weather. Her medicine does not agree with her, which suggests to me that I must reduce her pill pockets down a bit. I will take her back to the vet if she does not show improvement. I am reminded of that doctor in "Goodbye, Mr. Chips" who says that anno domini is the most lethal condition, after all.

The lines at the airports were blissfully short. On Christmas Eve I got an intriguing offer about my music.
I'm reading an amusing novel by Meghan Daum about "the heartland". My sympathies are with the heartland, but I like the book. I think I may roast a chicken tomorrow. My wife will return on Tuesday, after a longer visit with her folks. I return to work tomorrow. Another suicide bomber this weekend added to the quota of mass delusion of the world. I love red-tailed hawks in winter. Cold weather reminds me of poverty, and of wealth.

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