Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

christmas eve at the zoo

This morning we met my wife's sister and her husband, and our wonderful 5 year old niece and almost-3-year old nephew for a snowy Christmas Eve visit to the Kansas City zoo. The polar bear had spacious quarters, including an ample swim area, in which he did near-acrobatic swimming exercises. A sea lion's feeding time coincided with our visit.Canada geese flew everywhere. Indoor pavilions held tamarins, lemurs and squirrel monkeys, as well as aricara and a sociable tamarin. We then all retired to a neighborhood place at 75th and Wornall for pizza. My wife and I stopped by McClain's bakery to pick up a cherry coffee cake and a couple of Christmas cookies.

We did a little shopping at the Plaza, the traditional shopping area, but largely just took the day easily and well. We dined tonight on a chicken casserole my wife's step-mother made, accompanied by an applesauce from Alma, Kansas, and then settled in to listen to holiday CDs, after the local television provided no holiday music specials. Two shih tzu dogs who live here kept all company. We retired to sleep after listening to "ave maria".

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