Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

dog bath debauchery

Our dog Ted went to the vet today, as her back manifested some sores. Once before she had this, apparently a by-product of her advanced age. We applied medication the last time, and the problem improved. We hope the same happens this time. To assist with her recovery, I gave her a bath tonight. She did not enjoy the bath. She did not enjoy the standing with the special shampoo on her back for 10 minutes. She did not even enjoy the blow-dry, a usual crowd pleaser. But she loved being clean and running around after she was dry.

I watched the original version of "True Grit" on television tonight. I remember seeing this film as a boy, in the theater, in Little Rock, Arkansas, in a Star Wars like complex called Cinema 150, a single giant screen that was once the envy of the enveloping envytariat. I also saw "Patton" at that theater, which was a breathtakingly good experience. It was an era of large films which satirically explored larger than life fellows. The theater eventually folded, rather like the film "Silent Running". Sometimes the paved paradise is the parking lot.

The kind staff at work brought in a potluck of chili, swedish meatballs, a cheese dish, and little sausages, upon which we dined, followed by a rousing dessert of cake balls. I wonder if the inventor of the cake ball patented the idea. I would probably have gotten detoured on a lesser concept like cookie marbles.

E-mails from friends and family are trickling in. I hope we can see my friend Gene during the holidays. The world is better than vimeo when it comes to good visuals. We watched the Patrick Stewart Christmas Carol last night. I am full of resolutions, as yet unstated.

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