Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

appraisal district

When I arrived at work today, the weather wore a Spring-like garland. Mockingbirds in the trees sang their busy, variable songs. I felt contented, like a blue jay grasping a berry. I would have walked at lunch time, but the folks at Firehouse subs were unexpectedly slow in getting me a very fine roast beef sandwich. I did not voice a complaint, because the folks in the Rowlett store are the best. I drove by sea gulls in a golf course pond this morning. I continued to read my kafka-esque sci-fi by Mr. Stross. I thought about lute music, but did not listen to any.

Last night we watched the eclipse, but we both tuckered out and saw only the partial parts. My photos did not come out well, though on other nights I have gotten credible moon snaps. I thought of my 110 kodak instamatic camera, with its little square pictures. I have a scrapbook from 1980 of snaps of my first trip to England, all taken with a little kodak. I think that simple cameras teach one to make do and be practical, and to see life in gauzy dreams.

I ate chicken piccata, which I call chicken pinata. Thanks to a plug by vuzh in his music weblog, a small but steady stream of folks are downloading my EP "Butterflies of North Texas". A singer I like sent me a mass mailing that her new tunes are on iTunes. I rarely venture to iTunes, far from my favorite site, but perhaps I'll make an exception.

I like the way Bing Crosby sings "white christmas" in Holiday Inn better than the way he sings it in White Christmas. I ate a low-fat ice cream truffle tonight. The stars are warm tonight. I have not had a chocolate malt in years.

I looked up 5 relatives' addresses for Christmas cards tonight, using my skills at finding addresses. I should keep an address book, as it requires less sleuthing. My youngest nephew likes dinosaurs. Who doesn't? Perhaps
their prey.

I learned that the mom of one of my childhood friends died. I remember being asked to join them for dinner. It was my first time to eat baked lasagna. I thought it exotic and amazing. She apparently died peacefully. I'm only sporadically in touch with her son, my friend.

I have a long-dead forebear who was wounded at Antietam. This does not make me long to have gone to war.
I saw a kestrel on a telephone wire. I imagine warm days, and small kindnesses.

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