Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

sans bread

We dined out at Mimi's tonight. I like their new "healthy turkey" entree. It fits with my theory of a Bland Food Regime. After my bout of illness a few weeks ago, I decided to aim for bland foods for entrees. I like spicy foods, and many spicy foods are healthy. Still, my theory is that bland and sugarless tends to be lower fat. The theory is not rigorous, and would not stand as science. But it works out well that I know the fat and caloric content of many bland foods.

We stopped by Petco for new Mother Hubbard's dog treats. I loved seeing the short-haired hamsters. I never owned a hamster, though I did have a beloved gerbil named Gabrielle during my 20s. The total lunar eclipse is tonight. I hope to see it. The Staples store had lots of cool gadgets, none of which I bought. I found myself listening to Fosel's track on a petcord netlabel compilation, and a Cagey House track on a Nishi compilation. My dog Teddy begged for attention, so I scooped her up and held her. The players on the Monday night football program looked cold. It was 70 degrees here today. I'm not sure about many things, but the things I am sure about are a comfortable few. I had fun last night with a guitar softsynth. I feel that I should eBay a lot of things to reduce my possessions.
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