Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

goldeneye and gulls in flight

The service at church today satisfied my desire to hear Christmas songs devoid of Christmas being "blue", "rocking" or laced with mistletoe. A men's chorus did a subtle "Silent Night". The handbell choir confirmed my
belief that a handbell assemblage is one of my favorite musical instruments. We sang the Christina Rossetti poem set to hymn music. After the service, I visited tables for the "mission market" giving money to the charity that runs a House of Hope in an economically depressed part of Honduras, as well as donated a tree to Heifer Project International.

This afternoon I watched a sports contest on television, in which the local mediocre professional team narrowly defeated another mediocre professional team. I am not a fair weather fan, so I enjoyed it all very much. I went for BBQ after the game, listening on the radio while sports commentators added to the supply of natural thermal helium existing inert in nature.

I drove to Bethany Lakes Park and saw golden eye, shoveller and mallard ducks. Ring-billed seagulls flew overhead.

december pond

December Mallard, north Texas USA

I read a really kind weblog post which named my butterfly EP as a "best of 2010". I loaned money through to a photographer in Afghanistan. I watched the full moon. Tonight I will listen for the great horned owl my wife heard last night. I like peanut butter and jelly but never eat it anymore. I also like clementines, and eat them each winter.

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