Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

jp weddings

Today I went to watch a young associate try a forcible detainer case in justice of the peace court. Our local justice of the peace is fair and very polite to the litigants. I remember when I was a very young lawyer in a different JP court years ago. A defendant was accused of a hot check charge. The JP gave a very histrionic speech about how "we don't tolerate crime in Precinct___, Place ____!". I do not think the defendant realized what great live theatre he was witnessing. I hope he was scared straight from the sheer rhetorical flourish of the JP at trial.

I think that if I were justice of the peace, I'd like the marrying part the best. I'm sure truancy court has its charms, and who could resist a parade of hapless defendants who failed to pay their traffic tickets and then got jugged in the county lock-up? Yet the sight of modest celebrations as couples and their friends' cameras emerge from the chambers of the court, new life direction plotted (often with kids already supplied), is heart-warming.

My law partner and I went to Boston Market. They are trying this new thing in which they use plates rather than paper. Much more like a cafe, except cafes bus the tables more often. They have a few things to work out in this new agenda. We had to wait too long to be served (holidays bring out the turkey in us all), and we had a slim pickings of tables, as many needed cleaning. I love my local Boston Market and its diligent employees, so I hope they get the new system down soon.

I took a photo of a duraflame log in the fireplace. I watched "Miracle on 34th Street". My favorite scene is when Kris Kringle speaks to the Dutch girl. We ate a pizza. I'm reading a great sci fi by Charles Stross. I wrapped a present for the young fellow I mentor through the Big Brothers program. I thought about karma and holiday cards. My dog loves me. We got a federal express package of English muffins from Wolferman's, courtesy of my wife's charming aunt. I heard exciting news about my music being in a play in Los Angeles.

Tomorrow I seek out wild spaces.

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