Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

hi fidelity

I began my morning reading about e-readers. At lunch, after a Subway sandwich, I stopped in a Radio Shack. I told the clerk I need the kind of adapter that hooks large prong headphones into small prongs, "what is it? 1/4 to 1/8?". The clerk knew what I needed, and got them for me with a sure hand. I miss the Radio Shack of Heathkit kits. I think Radio Shack's change in product mix is a metaphor for our conversion from a can-do society to a "here I am now, entertain me" society.

I noticed that the German netlabel artist Entertaiment for the Braindead had deleted her website and twitter, so I left a long, supportive comment on her I don't know her, and it's probably odd to have some decayed old stranger leave a supportive message on one's But I believe it's okay to be encouraging and enthusiastic in a good cause.

I used the Radio Shack prongs to try out my new Grado SR 80i headphones. The headphones are delightful. They have a great sound. I picked up salmon for our dinner as I drove home. Earlier this week I passed a car in flames. I was grateful that life is not like the cartoon Jonny Quest, or the car would have blown up, at least until someone poured globs of paint on the monster and made it yelp in a ethereal voice. I like that Jonny Quest monsters were not faux in the way Scooby Doo monsters were faux.

Some young fellow robbed a Subway sandwich shop in McKinney, which, if you ask me, is one step down from shoplifting a quarter pounder with cheese. His mask fell off, so there is an actual police artist sketch on display.

A nice man from Japan used my song in a podcast. I read about an IMAX film about bugs in the rainforest. The Peanuts special ended abruptly. I thought about how much life is like the past rather than the future sometimes, even though it was just Monday in a particularly sci fi moment at the airport that I thought life is like the future and not the past.

I want them to cure cancer, and also for restaurants to serve manhattan chowder and not new england chowder.

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