Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

ides of decembers past

I was reading old journal entries tonight, from December 15s in another time and place. My theory was that each entry would show "very busy at work", as that's a very December 15 for me. In fact, one entry was about homelessness in Los Angeles, one about my father's medical procedure some years ago, one was about making a stew on a campout, one was about the woman who described physical intimacy as "shark-like", and one wandered down yet another road, including mentioning being busy.

The days begin chill and end warm-ish now. I've mailed out lots of holiday cards, including work cards and home cards, but hope to mail out more. I received a set of Grado headphones in the mail tonight, but find I must get a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter. I own one of those, but its location is a mystery comparable to the undecipherable passages in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Lately my calls start promptly at 9 or promptly at 5. Conference calls bracket my days. I wonder about the New Madrid fault, which is all but forgotten. I'd like to see a bald eagle this winter. The moon is half full, like a glass. My wife made gingerbread.

I bought a book of birding sites in Texas, which gives me wanderlust. I'm listening to ambient music lately, of the melodic, dreamy kind. I'm exploring the Free Music Archive as well.

Did you ever see a December rain fall in big drops on a moonless night of warm weather? That is what I miss about the Los Angeles foothills--that and blooming ceanothus.

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