Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

a fine thanksgiving

We had a nice Thanksgiving in Arkansas with my father and his wife. My brother and my step-mother's children also joined us. My father showed me some pictures from his boyhood I had never seen, all of which fascinated me.
My favorite was the picture of a cousin, B.B Lewis, helping my father learn how to shoot a bow and arrow in Rayville, Louisiana. B.B. Lewis went on to serve in the Air Force in World War Two with distinction, but died in 1948, still a very young man.

The temperature was 81 degrees when we arrived in Camden on Wednesday night. By Thursday night, the temperature was 32 degrees. We enjoyed our visit very much.

On the drive to and from Arkansas, my wife and I listened to a book-on-CD of Valerie Plame Wilson's story. Although I knew a lot of the story from prior reading, the book nonetheless held my interest.

We arrived yesterday evening. This morning, I drove up to Sister Grove Park, where I saw Carolina Chickadees and tall, tan-yellow dead grasses. This afternoon, we picked up our dogs from Pappy's Pet Lodge, who were glad to rejoin us. I took our dogs for a walk at half-time of Arkansas' impressive win over LSU.

alert black dog 2

I like the hawks on the telephone poles and trees along the freeway. I like the way the starlings and sparrows all went aloft when a small Cooper's hawk flew by. I like that damselflies and dragonflies and even a small buckeye butterfly were flying in late November. I like that the mint marigold remains in bloom, as does one hardy Shasta daisy.

Some folks we hired stained our fence today. I hope the new fence lasts many a year.

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