Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

blue moon doggies

teddy and beatrice 2010

Today I attended the 11 a.m. service at church, which, on laity Sunday, turned out to be the kids playing various instruments impressively and singing those pop songs about faith. I liked when one adult discussed how a new effort to fight malaria is a funding goal for our denomination next year. I can sink my teeth, mosquito-like, into malaria more than I can sink them into capital improvement projects.

I watched the afternoon football game in which the home team won against another team, in a season amounting to frustration for both teams. I participated in a 2 hour video conference for a website for which I volunteer some time. We dined on salmon and wild rice. We watched a documentary about leopards. We changed the channel when PBS offered us an evening of Beatles worship, "coincidentally" designed to appear just after the announcement that the Beatles are now on iTunes.

I walked around the park pond at night, gazing at a slightly blue moon. I took pictures of our dogs.
At the outset of the morning, I worked. On Saturday, we went fishing at the little pond outside Farmersville. WE got to say hello to the charming chihuahua dogs at The Minnow Bucket, the bait shop in that area. We caught no fish. We saw lots of water fowl. The sky looked like a rain that never arrived.

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