Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Today's actitivities

friendly visitor from space

My brother, a young friend and I drove to Plano to help construct wooden toys which will ultimately be given to children in need at Christmas. I enjoyed each of the following activities:
a. tracing stegosaurus onto a board;
b. slicing boards with an electric saw;
c. cutting a wheel from a board with another electric contraption usually used to carve keybards.

I did not enjoy as much breaking the tape of sandpaper on the sanding machine, but the courteous owner of that machine did not complain.

In the afternoon, my friend and I walked around Towne Lake in McKinney. I liked the seagulls we saw there.
We ate Brazilian steakhouse food. We shopped for used books. The air was crisp and very November.

In the evening, my wife and I enjoyed a pizza from a new place in Fairview. I watched several sports contests on TV. Daffodils were in final bloom in our backyard.
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