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home made parable

A child approached the Seer and said "Can you tell me how it is that I will grow up?".

The Seer looked at the child appraisingly. She said: "Yes. Your genetic make-up means you are programmed to undergo maturation both of mind and body as you age, assuming that you receive appropriate nutrition and socialization".

The child blinked, paused, and said "But can you tell me how it is that I will grow up?"

The Seer tried again: "You'll be taught the things you need to know until you can learn to think for yourself. You'll go on an inward voyage of discovery, in which all the people around you will join. You'll discover things about yourself that only you can learn, and then you'll be grown up".

The child got a puzzled look, and said "But can you tell me how it is that I will grow up?".

The Seer blinked, and thought a moment, and took a deep breath.
Then she looked at the child, and said, quite simply "No, I cannot tell you how it is that you will grow up. You just have to do it".

The child paused for a moment, and then she giggled a little. Then the Seer giggled a little, too.

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