Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

tougher than broccoli

broccoli looks harmless

I find myself quite pre-occupied at work these days with interesting projects. Between the pressing matters, I attended a demonstration for a way in which the LEXIS computer research system can be made inter-operable with Microsoft Word. The demonstration was interesting in its own right--it will be fascinating to be able to cite check while in a brief--but it also is a portent of a future world in which such inter-operability is not the proprietary exception, but the normal way to do legal research.

I'm getting the longing for a new bicycle--one with zero to three gears, and large, child-like wheels, and perhaps a bright monochrome color. I am only non-negotiable on one point--the inner tubes must have those old-fashioned, easy to pump inner tube stems, and not those fancy, difficult-to-use new-fangled tube stems.

I think sometimes that a bicycle-based fitness program in America would cut both fossil fuel use and health care expenses.

In other news, I think a plate of steamed broccoli should be on my menu soon.
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