Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

hang on

Hang on!

1. Today the last of the miners trapped in Chile were rescued from the mine. The whole thing feels like a combination of two miracles--Apollo 11 and Apollo 13. I prefer this story to tales of friendly fire, campaign ads that begin "I am not a witch", and Congresswomen giving out scholarships to family members.

2. Today I tried out the droid fingerpaint program, which is fun to use.

3. My wife has to study this weekend for a test, while I have a business meeting out of town Monday. So I've been planning a train/plane/automobile weekend. I was amazed that two cities in a mass transit area less than an hour from one another do not have a good connection, else I would eschew the automobile for the trip.

4. I'm expanding a 3 minute song into an 8 minute song. The 8 minute song needs its percussion passages to correlate according to a fixed schedule. Tonight I had the mathematic gestalt of how many beats per minute versus how many seconds to match with the music versus how many seconds a minute--all elementary, but fun to visualize, like blindfold chess.

5. I like several new shows on television, like "law and order: los angeles", "the event", and "hawaii 5-0". I hope that the "event" does not get all "lost". I like that "hawaii 5-0" is not much like the original show.

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