Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

weekend mix

Saturday we saw a covey of quail, crossing the road. They skittered across with a gentle grace. Today I saw a small plane fly just overhead. Soon I noticed a parachute fellow flying a delta wing parachute, floating down.
Today I drove through Abbott, Texas, population 300. A closed shop sign said "Whatever". I ate pulled pork, turnip greens and oatmeal cookies at the Up in Smoke BBQ.

Saturday I had a huge blow-out just north of the Oklahoma border. My young friend helped immensely in speeding up the change process. A nice Choctaw man at the convenience store across from the casino helped also in pushing the car. A passerby helped with advice about a recalcitrant deflated spare.

My desktop suddenly will not realize my smart card drive. I must sort that out.

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