Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

first trip to the LBJ Grasslands

Texas Longhorn

Today I drove an hour to the northwest to the LBJ national grassland.

On the drive up, I saw a western kingbird, a scissortail flycatcher, and, in the downtown of the small town of Alvord, a bail bondsman's office.

Bail Bond Office, Alvord,Texas

The grassland itself featured cross timber woodlands, grazing areas on which longhorn and brangus cattle grazed, little fishing ponds, and lots of mildly wild country. I went on one trail on which I saw a little yellow warbler, the largest giant swallowtail butterfly I can recall seeing,
a huge orbweaver spiders called, prosaically enough, the yellow and green garden spider. Once some cows blocked my path, but soon they moved on.

I found one muddy patch, in which I managed to plunge my shoes both coming and going in cartoon quicksand fashion, but I plucked them out and all was well.
Part of the park was closed due to recent flash floods, and I did not scratch the surface during my hike and drive. I will definitely go back to the grasslands.

orbweaver spider 5

Viceroy butterfly, on its last legs at Summer's end:

Summer's End: Viceroy Butterfly

It flew off quite jauntily as I watched.

I found the disappeared town of Audubon (named after the naturalist), which spent nearly 50 years as a vigorous little town, until the railroad passed it by. There was a historical monument about a roadside stop in the 19th Century featuring incredible spreads of food, displayed on a lazy susan. Today I was a resident of Audubon, if only for a moment.

I drove back through the town of Decatur, stopping at a city park named after a woman whose name escapes me. I watched robins through my binoculars. Then I drove to Allen and had pulled pork bbq for lunch.

I also filled out the forms for a copyright, watched college football on television, and rented the amusing film "She's Out of My League" by pay-per-view. We ate pumpkin natural frozen yogurt at Red Mango. Tomorrow I hope to go fishing.

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