Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

rain, part 2

colorful globe

Tropical storm Hermine's after-effects translate into much-needed yet much-concentrated rain for us. This morning I must take my car to the shop for a minor door adjustment. I've gotten 141,000 miles from this car. I plan to drive it a bit more, but the day will one day come when I must shop for another.
Tentative goal: figure out which model's purchase will benefit folks in Detroit.

I watched a free on-demand viewing of "Monterey Pop" last night. I particularly enjoyed the Ravi Shankar piece at the end, and the Mamas and the Pappas performances. The footage of the attendees in their 60s regalia had the cuteness and absurdiity appropriate to that lost era.

The news relates that the situation in Mexico continues to have troubles, with another small-town mayor assassinated. I hope that the Mexican government makes progress in restoring order, and that our own country one day reduces demand for the products that fuel that particular conflict.

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