Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

is it a draw?

This morning the temperature was in the high 70s. I took Ted and Bea for a walk by Glendover Pond. The pond had migrating wood ducks swimming in it, alongside the park regular geese. We paused a few times, as the dogs rested in the shade.

I went to J.C. Penney to get some clothes. I tried to rehang a set of slacks by the cuffs rather than the waist, on a coat hanger fairly clearly used for hanging by the waste. A fellow shopper, woman with a northeastern accent standing by the register with her husband, corrected me, and then began to laugh at me. I wish I had just laughed with her, though she was laughing at me, but I instead said in a remote, quiet voice "I am sorry to cause you amusement", which was probably a bit overdone in the situation. She and her husband melted away a moment later, as if they'd been Dorothy'd. I got two suits, some shirts, a sport coat and socks for a very low cost, all factored in. Business outfits cost less each year, as people transition away from semi-formal wear.

The kind folks at Eye Masters repaired my glasses, making them nearly as good as new. I like Eye Masters because they do the repairs for free.

I had three aquariums in our garage which needed cleaning so that they may be used. I cleaned them out, and then took them into the back yard to hose them off. Beatrice loves to chase the hose, so I put it on jetstream and watched her run about our small back yard, chasing the stream.

I finished the pay-per-view movie "24 Hour Party People" (I had rented it as I had previously only seen snippets on cable), which reminded me again how many worthwhile things were created by people without the necessary funding, connections or even business savvy.

I researched places to go in southern Oklahoma, as I believe another trip there will ensue in two weeks.

I read a cool Dutch weblog (in translation, thanks to Google Chrome) called, written/managed by an interesting writer named Karin Ramaker. I learned of Karin through her significant other Marco, who is a great music guy I've met through this music hobby thing. Karin's weblog manages to be both down-to-earth and a bit dream-like, so I like it. She suggested I take the "five vital questions" poll and published my answers there today. Here are my answers.

In other news, my journal has been all-public since its inception, except for when I make a post fully private, usually because a link or image isn't working right. So feel free to tweet me,
reveal my in-most public posts on Facebook, or otherwise use my Gurdonark livejournal, all with attribution under its Creative Commons license. I won't be migrating to Dreamwidth or Deadjournal or Diaryland or Dairyland or Xanga any time soon.

In other sports, the last game in my United States Chess Federation tourment lingers on. I won the first five, but am in a tougher battle this time. I was 2 pawns ahead, and then I dropped and knight, but my two pawns were passed pawns, so it was almost equal. Now we are in a king and two pawn v. king and two pawn endgame that I calculated to be entirely drawn. My opponent keeps on plugging, though, and I am eager to see if he sees something I've missed. I've already clinched the tournament championship (for which I will win "a certificate, suitable for framing"). I would like to finish 5 1/2 out of 6 rather than merely 5, but we'll see.

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