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bye bye burr oak

Wednesday afternoon I flew to Los Angeles for a Thursday business meeting. On the plane, I tried out the airline's wireless internet connection. The price was about 14 dollars, after tax was added in--a bit steeper than I wished it to be. Still, I was able to get work done and pick up e-mails during what would otherwise be down times. I was glad to be connected.

Prior to meeting some very nice and interesting folks for dinner downtown at Cafe Pinot, I stood in front of the Los Angeles central public library and took this picture of the Westin Bonaventure Hotel.

westin bonaventure hotel as seen from in front of the Los Angeles Library

I had my business meeting on Thursday, and then flew home Thursday night, arriving very late. We had a very busy Friday at the office, after which I resolved to take the three day weekend largely off.
Friday night my wife and I had a wonderful meal at the local Turkish restaurant, and then got a red mango frozen yogurt.

On Saturday morning I picked up my young friend. We grabbed a cinnamon roll at a place I know in Garland in which the cinnamon rolls are delightfully huge. Then we stopped in the Dallas Arboretum. The arboretum was filled with brides and bridesmaids--grooms and groomsmen seemed in relatively short supply. One white-gowned bride stood before the Reflection Fountain, lifting her gown so that her photographer could show that she was wearing cowgirl boots. I liked the bridge with the sea green wedding gown. All the bridesmaids' dresses were appropriately hideous.

The heat has broken, the flowers are in bloom, the world is in nuptial bliss.

We then went to nearby White Rock Lake to fish, with each of us catching one small sunfish. We adjourned to Taco Cabana, where I had wonderful roasted half-chicken. We stopped by some CD stores, and then headed back to drop him off in the nearby rural town in which he lives.

I was delighted on late Saturday afternoon to find a dark morph tiger swallowtail butterfly
amid the lantana.
female tiger swallowtail, dark morph
Saturday night my wife had to study assiduously for an upcoming professional certification examination, so I got a pay-per-view on the cable television--a Sally Hawkins film called The Happy Ever Afters. Though this film was not in the league of Happy Go Lucky, it had its moments, and I find Sally Hawkins a very appealing screen presence.

Sunday my wife and I got sandwiches at the potbelly franchise shop. She went to run some errands, and I went for a walk on the nature trail in McKinney Towne Lake Park. During the drive I listened to CDs telling me about the story of Joy Division and of New Order.

On the trail, the sign advising the reader that the Burr Oak Tree is over 200 years old now stands by the chopped up pieces of the former tree. I counted over 100 but less than 200 rings.

What remains of the old Burr Oak Tree

I watched through trees as a swan pedal boat navigated the nearby lake.
Swan pedal boat, McKinney, Texas

I came home, rented "24 hour party people" on the cable television, and settled in to rest. I paused it mid-way through to see how SMU did against Texas Tech in college football. I hope to take our dogs for a walk today.

I have now won 5 out of 6 games in my United States Chess Federation Walter Muir quad, which guarantees me 1st place. I believe the 6th game, once nearly lost, will now be a draw, but I am
watching each move, which will confirm or test my faith. I beileve that first prize is a frameable certificate. I will find a frame at a dollar store, if so, someday.

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