Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

South Dakota in list format

 A charming 1928 hotel in Rapid City. An excellent restaurant called the Firehouse in a 1915 fire station building. An excellent set of regional paintings by Harvey Dunn (the illustrator) and great pastels and a lecture by artist Alison Pebworth at the Dahl Arts Center. A wonderful Italian restaurant called Botticelli. Temperatures in the 60s on the Roughlock Trail near Spearfish Canyon. A probable sighting of the rare American Dipper bird near Spearfish Creek. Two men catching three trout near Spearfish Canyon. A lovely waterfall called Roughlock.  A beaver, swimming. Clear water filled with brook and brown trout, for which we did not fish.  

Climbing Bear Butte, 4425' high. Temperature: 101 degrees. Prayer cloths on the trees as we went up the mountain, one of the 7 sacred Lakota places. Incredible views. A white pelican by a small lake. 4 slices of pizza. White-tailed deer. A deep forest. A winding road. Mt. Rushmore in the distance. Mountain bluebirds. Three pronghorns who ran by as we looked at the bluebirds. Profuse coteries of prairie dogs. Bison on a peaceful prairie. Wild turkeys crossing the road.  

Delightful quail at a slow-food restauarant. A quaint little Scandnavian goods store. A prariei falcon.  Wonderful fossils at minerals at the South Dakota School of Mines' Museum of Geology. Watching a raptor perch for minutes on end on a limb at the School of Mines.

Seeing a red-breasted nuthatch on a wooded trail by Lake Sheridan. Seeing Mount Rushmore up close. Riding an 1880 train 20 miles through deer-filled woods. Eating lasagna. Touring a museum this morning called the Journey Museum, which helped make sense of it all, at journey's end.

wild turkeys, southwestern South Dakota
bear butte, SD
raptor, south dakota, 1
mountain bluebird 2
pronghorn in south dakota
1880s train engine, south dakota, black hills
Bison on the road
View from Bear Butte, South Dakota
Roughlock Falls, South Dakota Lake Sheridan, South Dakota mammoth fossil South Dakota clouds black hills, south dakota Mount Rushmore

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