Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

usb blues

While we were in Oklahoma, I took pictures with my second-string camera, an Argus I got for 30 or 40 dollars on eBay. This camera routinely brings me joy, as it's got a good macro setting and a way of posterizing the way images look. After taking pictures of wild turkey, deer and a bobcat, I realized that my SD card was not in.  Back home this week, I've tried to figure out which USB card fit the camera. Rather than solving this puzzle, I appear to have damaged the camera through plugging in the wrong one. This is one reason I like my cameras to be inexpensive. I'll see if this one recovers--and if not, I'll replace it with another simple camera.  That's a disappointment, but not a tragedy. 

The heat finally broke here, after many hundred-degree days culminating in a record-tying 106 degree day. We got a little rain last night. I love the end of August/early September era when the rain finally comes and dissipates the warm weather. September usually ushers in a time of warm but not hot weather, and great Fall flowers.

My two USCF postal games seem slowly to be working out my way. One of my three Scheming Mind games seems to be going against me.
I got into a late middle game in which the other side has an advanced passed pawn and a lot of pressure. It's good discipline to try to fight back from behind--it helps me learn grit and patience, no matter the outcome.

I am pleased to be awaiting the release of not one but two new songs on netlabel compilations. I am pleased I am getting more of my music out into the ether, but want to get far more out than I do.

I am daydreaming about bison and Clark's nuthatch.

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