Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

tax holidays

This afternoon we went to Plants and Planters in Richardson. We saw bumble bees on the plants, including a dark morph bumblebee we found interesting. My wife got a flowering shrub for a resin planter, along with some understory flowers. I did not buy any plants.

My last two USCF postal chess games are now 20-some-odd moves along. In the game in which I have white, I am up a piece for a pawn, while in the game in which I have black, I am up a pawn, but the other side has some counterplay. As I have already won 4 games in this tournament, and my opponent has already lost to an opponent whom I defeated, I need win only one game to win the tournament outright. My theory was that my USCF postal rating is a bit low, due to the fact that I played most of my postal games when I was less strong. Thus far praxis confirms the theory.  I hope I can win one or two of these last games, and move my rating upwards.

I went to the Allen Outlet Mall to get some shoes. I found to my dismay that today is a back-to-school tax amnesty day, with the concomitant filled parking lot. Once I realized how much this would benefit me in Clark Shoes, though, I was reconciled to the distant space I took in the lot so that I might avoid the bumper-to-bumper crowd waiting for each other's spaces. I also got some shirts at Casual XL, making this a very decorative day. I learned later that the nice fellow who waited on me at the shoe store lives a short way from us in our subdivision. He was a good guy, and I am glad to shop at his store.

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