Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

downtown riverside

I flew this afternoon to southern California so that I can handle a quick business matter on Friday. The nice woman beside me on the plane studied for her physicians' assistant exam, to be taken, also on Friday. She emigrated here from Albania, got her undergrad at U North Texas in Denton, and now was finishing up her physician's assistant program at Loma Linda in CA. She had the practice book for her certification exam on the flight with her. It looked massive.

I am staying at the Mission Inn, Riverside's historic downtown hotel. It has its ups and downs over the years, and right now seems rather up.
I walked to the metropolitan museum, which had a butterfly collection and a good exhibit on race and its odd cultural issues. The Riverside Museum of Art had a solid set of California-style watercolors and a good high desert plein air exhibit. The photography museum featured not two of the Ansel Adams "tree" photos, but also a brownie camera table. A Star Trek Exhibition store featured the uniform Wallace Shawn wore as a Ferengi grand nagus (incredibly small) and a very expensive price on simple souvenir t-shirts. The hotel restaurant's menu seemed a bit dreary, in a rotisserie and mash potatoes way, so I walked to a south Louisiana style soul food place where I had a roast pork filled with liberal doses of cayenne pepper. At 9 p.m. at night, a band on Main Street played solid rock instrumentals.  

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