Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Fledgling Jays

Today the temperature hit 105 degrees (that's about 40.5 on the C. scale). Today I had a day of rest.
I went out for a Subway sandwich. I thought about going to a nearby nature trail, but decided to walk instead in
Glendover Park in my neighborhood. I can walk a very short way from our home down a suburban street to get there.
The extreme heat meant that the birds and I had the place to ourselves.
glendover park pond, allen, texas usa
I saw lots of very young adult mockingbirds, who assured me of their presence with demonstrative vocals. I also saw
lots of swallows, dive bombing the water to catch bugs. A young great egret fished by the shore.
young Great Egret in Glendover Park
I came upon two fledgling blue jays, who stood on a concrete base for a trash can.
Fledgling Blue Jays
They stood stock still, saw someone spotting them, and then scampered up a tree.
I examined at length a postal chess game, trying to puzzle out if I am winning or merely
more comfortable. I read a book of Zen sayings and a book of Fred Rogers' sayings. I watched part of the
movie "The Thin Man", marveling, as always, at Myrna Loy. I listened to an ambient piece by the Canadian artist Altus, and watched part of a Monty Python documentary on television, turning it down to listen to Neil Sperry's garden show on an AM/FM/shortwave radio I
unboxed today. I was able to make plane and hotel reservations for a trip this month to South Dakota.I am glad I rested today, and feel the need to rest more tonight.

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