Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

III Forks

I rose early today to go fishing with a young friend at White Rock Lake. The western shore of the lake was filled with walkers and bicyclists. The eastern shore was only moderately populated. We found a concrete fishing pier just by the parking lot. We caught 4 sunfish, none of which were keepers.

We drove to Good Records, where I got a Stars of the Lid CD and John Fahey's wonderful acoustic guitar Christmas CD. My friend got a Lady Gaga CD for a family member of his. We drove to lunch at Chuy's a Mexican restaurant, where we dined on soft tacos we assembled with flour tortillas and carne guisada. We stopped by Best Buy and Entertainmart. My friend got a CD by a metal band.

We stopped by the Sunshine Miniature Tree company, admired the bonsai and venus fly trap trees. I bought a lovely echevarria. We then drove to the Allen Frozen yogurt place on Exchange, and had frozen yogurt. We went to Allen Station Park and admired the railroad dam which is Allen's one 19th C. historical monument. We visited the park filled with antique buildings from Allen history. A nice woman from the historical guild allowed us in the Christian Church which dates from 1921, which has lovely stained glass.

My wife and I took my brother's family to the restaurant III Forks in Dallas. We all celebrated my nephew's graduation this Summer from high school and community college. I had a rather bland sole, but a very good key lime pie. Next time I am at III Forks I will order salmon. During dinner, we talked about e-books, cell phones, and other gadgets. We all had a great time. My nephew begins classes at Austin College in nearby Sherman in the Fall. When we dropped them off, my wife and I got to see Arnold, their chihuahua-inflected mixed breed. What a wonderful, exuberant dog!

I am reading The World According to Fred Rogers and enjoying it immensely. I won two postal chess games yesterday against an opponent who played very sharply but was too aggressive.
I have two more games going in my USCF postal chess tournament which are still close--I have a material advantage in one, while the other is materially even. I finished a song using field recordings from Canadian experimental musician Sighup for the Intelligent Machinery compilation Of Place and Time. I was amazed/amused that the bilge pump sample proved extremely melodic.
Tomorrow I will get some rest after such an active day.
the most melodic field recording

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