Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

red eye and rolling grasses


Sunday afternoon I flew to Oakland for a work matter on Monday. My Monday matter ran long, causing me to have to catch a redeye flight home. I like landing at 5 a.m., but I function more effectively when my sleep occurs in dollops other than an hour here, an hour there, and an hour over there.

Today I was delighted to learn that a Jimmy John's sandwich place opened in walking distance from my work. Since my visit home a few weeks ago, I focus on eating in line with my best interest. Jimmy John's sandwiches fit this agenda. During lunch I read a book by chess grandmaster Andras Adorjan.

Tonight I listened to radio and watched part of the special on PBS featuring Paul McCartney. My little butterflies site has gotten a decent start, but I will need to promote it more.
I read today about the LBJ Grasslands, near Decatur, and wanted to go there.

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