Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

What I saw on Saturday

a green turtle
a cinnamon roll
a bunny eating grass
two western kingbirds
a Nissan dealership
the Heard Natural Science Center
a red-headed woodpecker
a red-eared slider turtle
a black swallowtail butterfly
a television showing of the World Cup, in Spanish, in the waiting room of an oil change place
a used bookstore
an empty "for lease" space where a used bookstore used to be
a book about the Group of Seven Canadian artists, with breathtaking paintings
a sub sandwich shop
a virtual musical instrument called The Ambient
a coneflower
a butterfly house
two great blue herons in flight
dark clouds

a nicely renovated house
a middle eastern buffet at DeMassi's Buffet
an airplane show of vintage military aircraft, flown both independently and in formation
a pan of brownies
animal crackers
an airplane hangar
a gaggle of children
a wonderful fireworks display
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