Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

two walks in the park

Pier, Glendover Park, Allen, Texas

Sunday I arose early and took the dogs for a walk in the park. We saw a mockingbird harass a starling. I've noticed our neighborhood mockingbirds became very aggressive this nesting season. I fell asleep until 12:30 p.m. A passing jogger stopped to pet the dogs. They love their walks.

We went to Market Street for lunch. I played a lot of moves in my on-line postal chess games at Scheming Mind. Of the five games now pending, I am materially ahead in one, slightly ahead in another, slightly behind in another, and materially behind in two others.

In the late afternoon I went for another walk in the park, by myself. I saw lots of scissortail flycatchers, little submerged sunfish, a grackle perched on a pier, half-grown ducklings and swooping swallows. I spent late yesterday afternoon trying to remix a song I created last Sunday, but after reaching the sixth draft I decided I liked my original version better than my revisions.

We ate supper at the Clay Pit with tx_cronopio. We all three enjoyed the conversation. The waiter made two significant mistakes on the order, which is unusual. I decided, though, not to "take it out" on his gratuitity.

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