Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Ammonites, Broadway Songs, and other Time Anomalies

My young friend and I drove up to the Texas/Oklahoma border to visit Eisenhower State Park on Lake Texoma. We saw cool things.

Lake Texoma, Eisenhower State Park

On the way to the park, we stopped at the Michoacan grocery store in Sherman, where we each obtained a citrus soft drink made in Mexico, as well as a couple of rolls. We then went to the CVS drugstore and picked up some spray-on suntan lotion.
The wooded trails there were filled with large butterflies--giant swallowtails, black swallowtails, and tiger swallowtails.
My friend noticed, too, that another thing was abundant on the trails--fossils of prehistoric sea creatures.

Ammonite fossil in hand

miracle of life departed

whorls of life

We saw numerous ammonites embedded in the rock, as well as fossilized sea shells. My friend found a nearly intact small fossil sea snail, about the size of two staples placed end-to-end.
We left the fossils at the park for other hikers to continue to enjoy. I felt awed by these reminders of relative timelessness.

Our hike lasted about two hours. Although the trail was not long, it was gently sloped and proved a bit time-consuming to hike. The trail ended on a roadway, and we determined to walk back on the roadside. We first wandered in the wrong direction,
but eventually found our way. During our walk we saw a floating private marina, a scissortail flycatcher, an American kestrel, a mourning dove, a fellow fishing on shore, and ever more damselflies in flight.

We arrived back at my car, and drove to nearby Denison Dam.

Denison Dam

We were intrigued to see a Florida-style boat with a back propeller, plying the waters.

We ate unadorned turkey sandwiches with baked potato chips at Panera Bread. We stopped by a Best Buy where my young friend bought a CD by the band The Devil Wears Prada. The clerk, a music buff, expressed to us his longing to go to a rock festival called Edgefest this Summer. He listed bands playing this festival of whom I have not heard.

On our drive back south, we stopped at a farmer's market in Van Alstyne. My friend took blueberries and strawberrie to his family, while I took strawberries and new potatoes to mine. We also visited The Historic Elswood Farmers' Market, which was small but charming, and yet did not add any fruits to our larders.

After I dropped my friend off, I stopped on the way home by Highland Park in Lucas. I wanted to try to find some butterflies to photograph, as I had not gotten any butterfly photographs at Eisenhower.
I saw a lovely viceroy buttefly sitting on a tree.

viceroy butterfly on a tree

I listened to a recording of Robert Barto playing lute music by Silvanus from an earlier time, which proved to be a contrast with the heavy metal music
my friend and I heard during the drive north. I also listened to some of the soccer game in which the team of the nation of Ghana bested the team of the nation of the United States of America, but turned it off once things began to seem inevitable.
I stopped by Yogurtlicious, and ate a non-fat frozen yogurt in which I had admixed the yogurt flavours vanilla, banana creme pie, and red ribbon cake with some sprinklings from a Reese's, some chocolate sprinkles and some multi-colored marshmallows.

When I got home, I played a bit with our dogs. I also went into our small back yard to take a look at the Shasta daisies. This year the trade union representing the small but lovely butterfly called the gray Hairstreak has had a team of hairstreak pickets attending the lovely daisies,
no doubt seeking to enforce a trade prerogative having to do with nectar in the workplace.

hairstreak butterfly on a daisy three

hairstreak butterfly on a daisy, foreground and background

hairstreak butterfly on a daisy

My wife arrived home from her haircut, sporting a fashionable hairdo. We got ready for our evening. We drove south into Dallas, stopping at Richardson's Mediterranean Cafe and Bakery, which featured a sumptuous middle eastern buffet at a very reasonable price. Then we headed on to Fair Park. We wandered the grounds, largely deserted, to see the plantings of flowers and foliage.
Then we went into the Fair Park Music Hall. We discovered that we could have eaten right at the music hall, but we did not complain at our lack of foreknowledge of events affecting our destinies.

We were at the music hall to see the musical "Wicked", which is in the last weekend of a roadshow version acclaimed not only by the local media but also by tweets by scads of twitter tweeters, who, when not confronted by issues of Justin Bieber, politics, or the efficacy of trite statements about the power of positive thoughts, are rarely wrong. I had a moment of trepidation when I realized that both key roles were being played by backup performers, which seemed to me to take away from the attraction of the tickets I had purchased at the ticket resale service Stubhub, at which I had paid (only a bit) more than face value for a ticket out of determination that my wife get to see this show. Our seats, by the way, were in the orchestra, which proved to be fine seats indeed.

My concerns were without real basis, though, as the cast did a swimmingly wicked version of this light but entertaining play. I like the way that the
story rather than the songs drive the play. I like that a play with one or two memorable songs which remain in the mind outside of the context of the story, depending on one's memory, nonetheless entertained consistently. There is something to be said for musicals in which the songs are part of the plot and not just grafted into the plot.

We had a great time, and then my wife successfully navigated us through the traffic
attendant to a sell-out performance, as we headed the 25 miles back to our home.

All told, this was a very active and wonderful day. Now I am a bit tired, but pleased.

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