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Talking to a kitten via skype

Wednesday I left the office at 11:30 a.m. to head to DFW airport to fly to Los Angeles. Though I arrived relatively early for my flight, the Summer crush meant a full parking lot, a line at the security portal, and a center seat on a completely full aircraft. On the plane I read the 1979 Pushcart Prize compendisum (volume 4). I found that I like assorted anthologies because when a story irritates, I just skip to the next one. It's like a music playlist. The Ellen Gilchrist story, one I had read before, both delighted and annoyed, which is a the bittersweet effect her stories always have on me. I read in the flight magazine about hikers to a lost city in the Colombian jungle,and their fear of a small amarillo snake that was poisonous but someone almost touched it. The author made a big deal of it, showing me that the author did not grow up snake-adjacent in south Arkansas.

When I landed, though I am a Fast Break member, Budget Rent-a-Car's disorganization delayed me.
Still, I ultimately got a stylish KIA mini-SUV, which had been, for some odd reason, half as expensive as a compact car. As I drove, I listed to KLXU, the "all demos, all the time" campus station, as guys and girls with guitars and synths talked about the passion.

I had a brief meeting about business downtown, and then went to dinner in the San Fernando Valley at the home of Sackjo22 and her husband
HEJ31. They are both musicians I know through ccMixter. Like I do, they share music with others through liberal intellectual property licensing for easy reuse, remix, or personal use.
Sackjo22 made a wonderful tandoori chicken, hearts of palm, basmati rice, pureed cauliflower, grilled asparagus, and cake with strawberries. I enjoyed visiting with the two of them very much, as each was fascinating. Sackjo22 is a vocalist who also remixes, while HEJ31 plays guitar and bass and uploads samples for others to remix. It was delightful to sit in their backyard amid tropical plants in cool weather and watch a little flock of finches fly by. We talked about plug-in synthesizers, making music on a budget, and history and goals and aspirations. It was so good to meet such nice and real people. At some point, ccMixter admins Spinningmerkaba and Snowflake joined us by Skype videochat. They originally meant to come in person, but they are involved in a huge local-music-scene-promotion in their home in San Diego, and were unable to come in person. They showed us their new adopted kitten, who skyped like meow. We all discussed the joys of sharing music, promoting the local, and finding listeners.

On Thursday I attended a court hearing in the morning, and then had a great lunch at a downtown LA Chinese restaurant with my co-counsel. We sat at the bar so that we could watch the Japan v. Denmark World Cup soccer game on television. Then I worked some in the afternoon, prior to my flight. On the flight home I read about America's hottest birding spots, and developed a desire to visit the grasslands near Fargo, North Dakota and the black hills of South Dakota.

Today my work was quite hectic. I had a sad thing happen at day's end.

My young friend suggested that tomorrow we check out the long-standing record store in the town of Sherman. I googled up its name, Memory Music, and I tried to call it on the phone. No answer. I googled it up--and sure enough, its owner had died at age 73 in May. His obituary said the record store was his passion. He wore his passion well--he was friendly, and comfortable in his skin. I'll miss Memory Music, though I only went there a time or two. Record stores fade, and their owners fade with them.

Tonight my wife and I ate thali meals at the local Indian restaurant. We then watched the 1963 original "Flipper" movie. I thought about how much I liked to see Chuck Connors act when I was a kid. "The Rifleman" and a host of other shows and movies all taught lessons both obvious and elusive.

Tomorrow will be an adventure or two-they await like a chapter in a book.

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