Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Kelly, come home!

giant swallowtail on thistle

We went to Terra, the excellent Mediterranean restaurant in the new shopping area in our town. I particularly enjoyed the lamb kebabs. We sat outside, where a jazz band played for listeners who sit on a lawn set up for that purpose. The band had a great cool jazz sound, with a fine electric piano player (who, unfortunately, was pushed "up" in the mix, to the detriment of the electric bass). The singer/leader was more uneven. She tried to overpower Sade's "Smooth Operator", which gave me a personal busy signal. She did an excellent take on the pop chestnut "Route 66". Then she tried to do "Tainted Love" as a quiet torch song. Perhaps she does not realize that "Tainted Love" is itself a cover. I'd love to hear Ornette Coleman's cover of "Tainted Love".

We ate frozen yogurt after dinner at the place with the more "authentic" (i.e., less sweet) yogurt. I had banana frozen yogurt with graham cracker crumbs. Afterward, we drove home and walked our dogs. As we were nearing home, our neighbor we don't know very well from a few doors down came by with his rescue greyhound. "Have you seen a greyhound?", he asked, and soon all was learned. He and his wife had adopted a second greyhound, named Kelly. Kelly made a break for it when the house door was held open just a second too long. We soon saw Kelly, and set off to follow her down the side streets. I took the older greyhound, a handsome and patient fellow named Kidd.
Kidd's dog treats would feed our small dogs for a week. We finally saw Kelly on Canterbury Street, but she seemed oblivious to us. She kept on walking. My wife and I walked to the park, but did not see her. Then I joined the folks down the street and some greyhound folks they know in hunting Kelly in separate vehicles. At 11:30 p.m., I learned that Kelly was found, safe and sound. I love happy endings!

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