Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

Butterfly Picture Show: Highland Park on Lake Lavon

Location: Highland Park, a small Corps of Engineers park beside Lake Lavon in Collin County, near Lucas, Texas.
Date: June 6, 2010 between 3 and 4 p.m.
camera: Argus DC 5185, 5 megapixels
Weather: very hot, 90+ Fahrenheit degree day, with partly cloudy skies.

In one lightly wooded area, I saw this butterfly, which I believe to be a hackberry:

hackberry butterfly in Highland Park, near Lake Lavon 2

Not too far away I saw this butterfly, about whose identificaton I am not certain, but which I hazard a guess to be another hackberry type butterfly of some kind:

butterfly in a texas woodland 2

Thistles in bloom proved a tremendous attractor for swallowtail butterflies, such as this tiger swallowtail. A thistle must be particularly desirable, because both butterfly and bee seem less concerned than otherwise with passersby while drinking at a thistle

tiger swallowtail on thistle, near Highland Park, on Lake Lavon

tiger swallowtail on a Texas thistle

I saw lots of butterflies that looked like monarchs, but given the size of those butterflies I believe they may have been viceroys. I must research further:

viceroy buttefly on thistle

A huge selection of small butterflies also flew nearby. They loved the various daisies.

butterfly near Highland park, Lucas, Texas

The day was hot but the trail was pleasant. it's a trail through open fields and scraggle woods. Lots of wildflowers were in bloom.

trail near Highland park, Lake Lavon, Texas, on a June day

One fellow parked in the parking lot had a uniquely painted car.

multi-colored car, highland park, near lucas, texas

After hiking, I went for frozen yogurt. My favorite flavor is chocolate ribbon cake.

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