Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

bunny escapes

drink to me with clouds

Today I left from work a trifle early to meet a man about quoting a fence. I was pleased that the fence quote business features few choices and many well-thought-out ideas. After the quote was received, I went into the back yard with Beatrice. She went into a frenzy of search, with her canine nostrils promising her a quarry she could not locate. I saw a very cute little bunny at the fence. It slid through a hole in the fence before Beatrice found it. I was relieved. My wife had to work late, so I threw Beatrice's toy and ball, and also played with Teddy.

We ate pizza at Market Street and then came home to watch the movie "Jumper" on cable television. I'm now exhausted, a bit after midnight, but not ready to go to sleep.
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