Robert (gurdonark) wrote,

no r mal

Today I held a draw in a complex postal chess game (Ruy Lopez, Bird variation, the ...g6 line, with black). As often happens, I looked at the ending position and wondered if I should have held on and tried for the win. It felt good, though, to play good chess once more. I noticed on the USCF website that I have not played in a rated tournament over the board since 2008. The on-line postal chess has been fun, but I must remedy that over-the-board lapse.

Saturday a turkey vulture flew low overhead, almost oblivious to my presence. I do not think his avian bell tolled for me, as I was never in any danger of playing Twister with Death on Saturday. I liked seeing him relatively up close, as he coasted by just overhead.

I got in the mail a new copy of Musedit, my favorite music notation program, and a little chess pamphlet on the Canard opening (1. d4 2 f4) and another on the reverse French variations of the van't kruys opening. I'd love to be able to write little opening pamphlets. Perhaps I shall.

After Tuesday and Wednesday involved working on songs that didn't work, tonight I did a very workable song
for a compilation called Nor R Mal II. I was on Nor R Mal I, and the nice fellow who runs the netlabel invited me to contribute, telling me it was "mandatory". I like this compilation, because it is a bit more experimental. This poses for me less worry about adapting what I do to traditional melodies--although as in all things, I am not really experimental at all, but not not No R Mal. I will name the song Normal Voice, in Dutch, only I must look up the Dutch word for voice. Then I'll add effects and do a bit of remastering, and send it in.

I have no big plans for the weekend, and I like it that way.

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