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cats without claws

Our backyard, May 2010, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Tonight after work I drove up to Fairview to the Heard Natural Science Center. The Prairie and Timbers Audubon Society had its monthly meeting. On the way to the meeting, I stopped for BBQ at Barbecutie's. I ate the pulled pork sandwich accompanied by Brunswick stew.

Prior to the meeting, we all stood in the Heard's meeting room. Outside, a flat square bird feeder hosted lots of live birds--Carolina chickadees, tufted titmice, mourning doves, cardinals and house finches. I also saw a female hummingbird--these are rarer here than when I lived in California,and a real treat to see.

The educational part of the program discussed interesting birds which breed in north Texas. We discussed the yellow-billed cuckoo, the greater roadrunner, and the great crested flycatcher. I learned a lot, and knew a little already.

The main speaker was very good. Ms. Saucier spoke to us about planting for butterfly visits in our area. She had great pictures of butterflies ("butts") and caterpillars ("cats") of our area. I was really impressed with how many lovely moths we have. She did not spend time on the main lepidoterous denizen of our yard--the fiery skipper. She did discuss, though, how skipper butterflies like to eat Bermuda grass. As one can tell from the above photo, Bermuda grass grows abundantly here.

This was my second time at an Audubon Society meeting, and I daresay I will become at least a semi-regular. The people are nice, and the information interesting.


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