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Attentive Dog

Attentive Dog, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

I'm sitting at my computer listening to Little Lifer Radio on, where a Russian band called Zemskov and the Morons just played a fun up-tempo song modeled on mid-era Roxy Music. I had a pretty good day, because the little ginger pig at the Mexican supermarket proved entirely congenial to my wants and needs.

Lately I'm intrigued with the idea that books should all be thin, or perhaps pocket-sized. I like books like "The Little Golden Book of Kites", in which one gets facts and illustrations about one charming thing. I'm intrigued also with the idea that all my permanent books should fit on a few shelves--and that all other books should be temporary. I hope I can implement some version of this theory soon.

I drive by things and think "that would make a photograph", which is a bit like Charles Ryder in "Brideshead Revisited", in that "removed from things as if viewing them from afar". Yet so many things are things one experiences at a remove, like watching Sir Mick Jagger
hold forth on the television program larry king live.

Yet all these narratives, at distant remove, help make life a little richer. I like stories like the one in which Bryan Ferry, a miner's son graduated with a lower 2nd from art school, auditions for Fripp and Sinfield to be in King Crimson.

I like, too, that so much of life is not lived at distant remove--like spending time in the back yard with our dog Beatrice, or having a cheese sandwich (straight from the George Foreman grill) as my wife and I watch the sitcom "Modern Family" or writing this entry as plays music by a home recordist from Manchester in the UK whose electronica brings me joy.


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