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Seek the secrets within, originally uploaded by gurdonark.

Today I mailed off 6 packages to bookmooch readers, to;
1. Michigan
2. Florida
3. New York
4. California
5. Illinois and
6. New South Wales, Australia.

I took photos of:
1. rocks in my backyard (pristine)
2. a milkweed in bloom (blurry)
3. a marigold (blurry)
4. a stand of wild evening primrose (blurry)
5. Beatrice (inquisitive)

I saw two snowy egrets in Duck Creek. I began to read a history of Roxy Music. The dove's nest in our back yard live oak is empty now.
I bought a book about home offices for one dollar at Dollar Tree. Its original list price was 35 dollars. I chewed orange chiclets gum.

Yesterday we saw the movie "Babies", a delightful documentary in which the narrative voice was mercifully silent, and the moving images of babies from Namibia, Mongolia, San Francisco and Tokyo were prominent and blissfully unexplained.

I like to guess what values things will be assigned on Antiques Roadshow. I think I'll go bream fishing in the prairie on Saturday.


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