Robert (gurdonark) wrote,


A warm, rainy day. A warm, rainy day when the gray clouds billowed in sculptural formations. A day when the sun appeared, and disappeared, as suns are wont to do. A day of thick, shag-carpet-like Bermuda grass on a church lawn. A day of string quartets and little finger foods that looked like hamburgers but were not hamburgers.

Aisles decorated with greenery. Punch in a huge bowl. The nervous quaver of words spoken, out loud. People standing for procession. The play of an organ: Purcell's "Trumpet Tune". Morning coats and dresses. Muffins at the little hotel at which the family stayed prior to the event. The joy of family, the joy of creating a new family.

Today marks twenty years since those far-off wedding ceremonies. Twenty years equals to seven thousand, three hundred and five days. Our wedding ceremony served as a prelude to a charming honeymoon in Nassau, snorkeling among tropical fish, riding little one dollar jitney buses, and eating fish with our peas n rice at charming restaurants. Today we'll defer our celebration to the weekend as we both have the press of work. I'll put on my suit and attend a meeting at a client's. My wife will don her work attire and go to work at her company's customer. We'll have a wonderful dinner together when the weekend arrives.

Yet on this quiet day there will be cards, and joy, and simple gratitude. Today is our 20th wedding anniversary. We hope for many more.
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